“The internet is the new record label” - HOUSTON KEEN


Since 2013, Houston and his team have set out to gain a more identified and larger audience through the internet. The power of the web is limitless, and everyday, this company grows stronger through the sheer number of people we meet on our social media frontiers.  All of this building is leading up to our biggest launch; JENNY (the first full length album). Houston Keen, as an artist, is on his way to creating a personal, independent fanbase of his own; that can withstand the turns of the industry. The end goal is to set up an endless support system of fans to play to every night, nationally.


Music is at the center of all of this, even if the machine is built through the skeleton of a business. Houston and his team are advocators of free music, and allow anyone to stream his content anytime. Throughout the years, the company has built a relationship with Pandora, Spotify, and Apple to ensure that everyone has an easy outlet to reach the music, for free. The new album, Jenny, will be absolutely free, and available on all streaming sites. With record sales (throughout the entire industry) sinking, he sees this as more of a tool to gain further fans, rather than a hamper on financial numbers. 


All of his music is available through his Soundcloud: soundcloud.com/houstonkeen


The business that exists today, has been grown from the roots of a young songwriter, that has taken his internet personality to another level and created a profitable business model. Graduating high school in the summer of 2013, Houston began playing on an every Friday basis throughout St. Augustine. Within the next year, he quit his day job to pursue a calendar of over 15 dates a month. The persistence has gained him a fanbase of over 25,000 people, all over the web, and the world. Independently, Houston has worked his way into the opening spots of national acts, such as Granger SmithWe The Kings, and American Aquarium. He continues to keep an eye out for opportunities in the “rockabilly” community, to shake hands and make friends. With the release of his new album, he will be pushing towards to radio waves of Texas, and many states in the southeastern U.S..


Currently, with an EP, and an upcoming album under his belt, Houston is pursuing work in the Texas area.  He is signed under TMMP Music Booking Agency, and works full time as a professional musician in the Austin, TX area. The team is amounting more and more friends, daily; and we’d like to be your friend too. We hope to see you all out on the road this upcoming fall, and at even bigger shows in 2018! 

Thank you for your support.


- Houston