This is less of a business about music, and more of a business about having sharp teeth. In a world of talented, leather jacket kids with guitars, it comes down to piercing the noise; and that is what Houston and his team are aiming to do. Since 2013, Houston Keen Music LLC (his management company) has been cultivating a fanbase throughout the southern United States, and plans to release a debut album in early 2017. Through the aid of the internet and touring, Houston has amounted a massive Twitter fanbase, as well as a steadily increasing Facebook and Instagram following. He plans to relocate to Austin, TX early next year to pitch his upcoming record.

“The internet is the new record label” - Houston Keen
Since the launch of his Facebook page ( in 2013, Houston has amassed over 3,000 likes, as well as the verification badge granted by Facebook. His Twitter following, through excessive conversation between users, has graduated to over 21,000 followers. He remains very interactive throughout his social accounts, and responds directly to fans daily. Accompanying his social media following, Houston also advocates free music, and often refers to his Soundcloud account for free downloads ( This company is essentially built around free music, and making friends in various cities of the world.

Houston has achieved recognition, not just through the internet, but through local radio play, word of mouth, free local and national shows, and the grassroots method of handing out music. In 2014, Houston released his first EP, The Runaways. Shortly after, he was booked to open for national acts like Granger Smith and We The Kings, as well as receive local radio airplay on Gainesville’s own 103.7 The Gator. Throughout the course of two years, Houston had sought out over 25,000 people to hear his music and connect online. This massive fanbase build has been used to book shows from Florida, to Tennessee, to Texas; and continues to move forward. Houston and his team continue to maintain and grow this fanbase through grassroots and internet marketing, daily.

The idea of tunnel vision is a bit crazy to some, but the light at the end of the tunnel is now brighter than it ever has been before. Today, the team will go out and make new fans and connections throughout the world, in hopes to gain a new listener and friend. The vision is structured around free music and grassroots movement, as well as independence from labels. The new album, set to release early next year, will be completely free and available through all online music outlets; it will also have accompanying singles, videos, and a tour schedule, that will be announced! The future of this company is solid, and is only growing stronger in numbers throughout the days. As the album release date draws closer, the team will be relocating to Austin, TX in order to find a larger fanbase to connect with first-hand.

This company isn’t about making money, or asking you to sign up for a subscription. The idea is simple, connect with people and give them something to own for themselves. We hope you throw us a like or follow online, we hope to see you at a show and shake your hand, we hope that you’ll grab a T-Shirt before you leave, but we mostly hope you just listen to this music and love it. The idea of suits, record contracts, and big money is a scary concept, and tends to be untrusting; that’s why we need you. This business wants to include you, wants you to be a part of it; it cannot happen without you, hearing the music.